Now the cricket season’s over,
And the football’s on our tellies,
And with outfield’s under water
Any fielders, they’d need wellies
So there’ll be no pitch inspections
No the umpires won’t be seen
Cos light meters they’re not needed
When it’s dark by four fifteen

The weather’s too inclement now
For games played dressed in white
And players playing in the snow
They’d simply fade from sight
And cricket grounds that do not have,
For covers, enough riches
Will face, come spring, what Boycott loves,
Those tough uncovered pitches

When Christmas comes the days are short
And temperatures grow colder
But I’ve decided that this year
With Santa I’ll be bolder
So when on Christmas Eve he asks
What gift I’d most adore
I’ll answer him politely ‘Please…
…just scrap the sixteen-four!’

[The photo above is of Plush Cricket Club in Dorset]

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