A Farewell to ‘Barns’

There was a dog that I once knew
A Labrador of golden hue
Who though ‘tis true he’d little brain
With him I’d do it all again

Sometimes he lay by sock-less feet
And though his breath did not smell sweet
All toes of age and toes yet young
He’d lick them clean with slimy tongue

He loved to walk he loved to eat
He loved to sleep he loved a treat
He loved the ones they make for cats
He loved those oh so smelly sprats

But now that very special boy
The one that brought us all such joy
Will no more finish off my sarnie
Farewell dear friend, farewell dear Barney.

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Published by peteraird134510580

Nothing particularly interesting to say other than I'm a GP with an interest in emotional well-being, an avid Somerset County Cricket Club supporter and a poor example of a Christian who likes to put finger to keyboard from time to time and who is foolish enough to think that someone out there may be interested enough to read what I've written. Some of these blogs have grown over time and some portions of earlier blogs reappear in slightly different forms in later blogs. Apologies for the repetition. What I have posted today (6th August 2018) consists of what I have written over the last few years - whether I write anything ever again, only time will tell.

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