Holidaying in the Lake District we walked past the one time home of William Wordsworth. Some experiences are truly inspirational…

We wandered lonely ‘neath the clouds,
Alas they numbered plenty,
And as we strode along the path,
Those clouds, they chose to empty.
But still we ventured bravely on,
We so enjoy our rambles,
And soon we were rewarded by,
A host of thorny brambles.

With apologies to William Wordsworth

And on a separate occasion, whilst strolling on the Quantocks…

Upon smooth Quantock’s airy ridge we roved
Unchecked, or loitered ‘mid her sylvan combes
Our faces creased, their smiles, our pleasure showed
‘Till Hinckley C, the idyll fades, on landscapes fair it looms.

With further apologies to William Wordsworth

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4 responses to “POOR IMITATIONS”

  1. Today another masterpiece from our wordsmith on the Feast day of St Peter & St Paul, to appreciate 5th God given world about us! Blessings.


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