Bond looked at ‘M’, his hand shaking as he lifted the vodka martini to his lips.

‘Let me check that I’ve understand you sir. You want me to work undercover in a primary care setting. You want me to manage unprecedented patient demand, deal with ever more complex clinical cases and battle an increasing hostile press. The only gadget that ‘Q’ has come up with to assist me is a pulse oximeter. And I’m to kill no one?’

‘That’s right James. It’ll be your most challenging mission yet. Can I rely on you?’

‘I’m sorry sir. Such a mission is beyond even my astonishing capabilities. For that you’re going to need someone genuinely exceptional. For that you’re going to need… a GP’.*

[*And just to be clear, that GP will have to be far better than the one I am and will also have to be supported, as I am by an exceptional support team made up of other doctors, practice nurses, HCAs, receptionists, administrators, secretaries, pharmacy staff and, of course Practice managers. And let’s not forget those oh so vital cleaners!]

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