Why are so many folk
On too long waiting lists
And why don’t ambulances come?
Why are there not enough
Nurses now working,
And why do the doctors look glum?
Could it be down to those who, though in power,
Simply do not have a clue?

We must retain the
NHS Connection
The doctors and nurses and you.

Today the NHS
Struggles to cope with
All that it’s asked to do
Still though it every day
Cares for the poorly
Though it is staffed by too few
But it’s still amazing, still worthy of praising
Give it the credit it’s due

We must retain the
NHS Connection
The doctors and nurses and you.

All of us under its care
To lose it would surely be tragic!

So then come gather round
All who desire
The NHS should remain
‘Care that is free at the
Point that it’s needed’
Let that be our refrain
Some say the answer lies in private healthcare
But I know they’re wrong, it’s not true

We must retain the
NHS Connection
The doctors and nurses and you.

Da-da-da-dee-da-da dum

Kermit wasn’t available when this was recorded so I donned my most appropriately coloured jumper and stepped in at the last minute to take his place. Turns out it isn’t easy being green!

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2 responses to “THE NHS CONNECTION”

  1. Dear Doctor,Your musings are brilliant Sir, and I have no doubt that should you ever give up medicine,  there’s a place as either a journalist or a public speaker, for you.Oh how I wish I lived in Bridgwater and had you as my GP.  Not only would I be able to see a good doctor, I’d not have to travel 200+ miles each year for carnival or even further to The County Ground.Your writing cheers me up even though the content is often quite serious, thank you.God BlessJayneSent from my Galaxy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jayne, for your kind comment. It is very much appreciated!


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