A Cricket Tea Kind Of Day

Today, far from the safe environs of the county of Somerset, I found myself walking in the pleasant countryside afforded by the Meon Valley in Hampshire.

At lunchtime, on a day when no meaningful professional cricket was being played anywhere in the country, I sought solace in a public house named after the founder of the well known cricket ground that can be found in the St. John’s Wood area of London.

There I learnt two things.

Firstly, Thomas Lord played 59 games for Middlesex and the MCC. As well as scoring 899 at an average of 9.87, he took 148 wickets including 5 wickets in an innings on five separate occasions. Secondly, though not as good as a pint of Sheppy’s, it is nonetheless possible to find a decent cider in the home of this year’s T20 champions.

Later, in the churchyard of nearby St. John’s Church, West Meon, I came across the grave where, after a good innings, Thomas Lord was eventually laid to rest in 1832. I may have imagined it, but as I reflected on the fact that this evening a certain competition will reach it’s inevitable anticlimax, I swear I heard something, or someone, rotating within the stony confines of the tomb.

Unsettled I rambled on and my sense of unease was soon remedied when I came across a game of meaningful village cricket being played at the home of the Hampshire Hogs at Warnford. As I passed the ground I imagine tea was being taken – a fact that was itself enough to reassure me that, even in these troubled times, not all is yet lost.

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19 responses to “A Cricket Tea Kind Of Day”

  1. Rodney Wade-Thomas Avatar
    Rodney Wade-Thomas

    My Italian son in law can’t understand any game where they stop for tea , I have tried to explain it’s a “gentleman’s “ game

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    1. The only sport you can put on weight whilst playing!


      1. Very true !

        Liked by 1 person

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