‘Twas the week before Christmas and all cross the nation

People prepared for the great celebration.

And any who suffered a cough or a sneeze

Wanted a drug for their symptoms to ease


So everyone contacted their health care providers

Knowing that they were the licensed prescribers

To getting appointments they showed dedication

Twas simply a must to have right medication


The clinical leads checked protocols twice

(Ensuring compliance with guidance from NICE)

Relaying their learning to practice clinicians

On management options for Christmas conditions


There’s a tablet for when you’re deficient in joy

A tablet for when you’re not given that toy

A tablet to counter the courage that’s Dutch

A tablet for when you have eaten too much


A tablet for all of the stress of the crackers

A tablet to give to the washing up slackers

A tablet to help you put up with Aunt Jean

A tablet to keep you awake for the Queen


Whilst sitting on sofas and watching TV

And longing for chocolates that hang on the tree

By taking these drugs nobody need fear

They’re sure to stay healthy right through to New Year


On Codeine, on Senna, on Brufen, on Zantac

On Statin, on Zoton, on Calpol, on Prozac,

And so that the cooking, guilt free they can shirk

There’s always a note to say they can’t work


The Medicine Management Advisor’s away

I don’t think he’s working on this Christmas Day

But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight


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