Here’s a link to a job advert:

A successful advert should be a) eye catching, b) memorable and c) capable of generating some excitement for the thing which it is advertising. I’m not sure the above is wholly successful in those three endeavours!

And so, last week, in a desperate attempt to attract a new GP to East Quay Medical Centre in Bridgwater, I drew inspiration from the Wurzels in the hope of relaying something of the rustic charm that is to be enjoyed by any who make their home in this beautiful part of the country. [You can read of that by clicking here] Unaccountably, however, channeling Somerset’s finest musical ensemble doesn’t appear to have cut the mustard and, seven days on, the post remains unfilled! I know, unbelievable isn’t it?!.

In keeping with my Scottish roots, therefore, it’s a case of ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’. And so this week I’m upping my game and, rather than inflicting on you something which might be considered a little parochial, have chosen instead to offer up a more upbeat and ‘out there’ classic!

The song is entitled ‘GP’ and is a take on Blondie’s 1978 hit ‘Denis’. Below is a link to where you can hear it being sung by a special guest songstress. As you will see, though she might not have the same distinctive hair as her more famous sibling, Debbie Harry’s twin sister does possess comparable vocal talents to the aforementioned chanteuse. I am indebted to Purpley-Pinky who kindly made herself available for the recording, one which is already being heralded as superior to the version on which it is based.

Here then is the link to the performance – those who follow it do so at their own risk. For some reason it doesn’t seem to work on some devices but you can find it on my Facebook page – just search ‘Pete Aird’ and look for my severed head sat in a pool of blood on top of a table!

As a job advert, I think it ticks the boxes for being both eye catching and memorable and I apologise if that means you can’t something you’d rather you hadn’t seen out of your head! But I hope too that it will serve to generate a degree of excitement in the GP post that is available at the practice that was once nominated for the award of ‘Best Medical Centre situated next to a Home Improvement Retailer’ and which subsequently came second in the subcategory allocated for those who find themselves adjacent to a branch of Wickes.

And so next week I am anticipating that we will be inundated with applications. And if we’re not?… well you’ll have yourselves to blame if at some point in the future I’m forced to embarrass myself again and expose you to yet another tragic musical misadventure!

Here’s that link to the actual job advert again:

And you can find out more about East Quay Medical Centre here.

If you know anyone who might be interested in the post, do please feel free to share!

Links to other medically themed songs can be found at the bottom of this page!


Oh GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you,
GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you,
GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you.

Come work with us, illness investigate,
Prescribe a truss, and heart sounds auscultate,
GP, GP, we’re so in need of you,

You soon will find – we are a friendly bunch,
And if we can – we gather for our lunch,
GP, GP, we’re so in need of you.

At East Quay, we are looking for a doctor just like you,
So come on, please do apply,
You’ll be so happy if we give the job to you.

J’aimerais pouvoir parler français,
Mais je n’ai pas oh la capacité,
GP, GP, we’re so in need of you.

GP, GP, the senior partners cool,
GP, GP, he never acts the fool,
GP, GP, we’re so in need of you.

Oh GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you,
GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you,
GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you.

Oh GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you,
GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you,
GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you,
GP, ooh-be-do, we’re in need of you.

For other medically themed songs for which I take full responsibility, follow the links below. Audio versions are available for those marked with an asterisk. There are others, but these are the least worst!

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2 responses to “GP, GP – WE’RE SO IN NEED OF YOU!”

  1. Another great “musing”! Sadly I cannot help with recruiting ‘cos I can’t get past the picture on the top, the hair etc has altered my perspective of a “proper GP” whatever that is! Good luck!🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just don’t watch the video!


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