Perusing the latest issue of the PJGP [Peruvian Journal of General Practice] this week, I came across an interesting study on the therapeutic benefits of a certain bread based snack. This was the abstract.

‘Until recently the use of marmalade sandwiches to mitigate the stress experienced by those working in primary care settings has been sporadic. Following last years revelations that the late Queen always carried such an item in her handbag in case of emergencies, we decided to investigate whether such provision impacted positively on the emotional well being of clinicians working in a Somerset medical centre where marmalade sandwiches are made readily available. We found that those working at the practice rated themselves as 74% happier than colleagues in a neighbouring practice and smiled for 81% of the day compared to the national average of 27%. [p<0.001]. We conclude that marmalade sandwiches should be offered twice daily to all in direct contact with patients and that those looking to work in primary care centres should limit there search to practices regularly providing such light refreshment.’

The sandwiches are made fresh daily and checked by our expert marmalade taster to ensure they are always of premium quality!

Coincidentally a job vacancy has come up at the practice where this study took place, the details of which can be found here:


More about the practice can be found here


You may also be interested to know that the practice can now be revealed as the one featured in the following stories based on Paddington’s recent visits. Those stories can be read here – all names have been changed.




All names have been changed!

The GPs and Practice Manager of EQMC – smiling after their daily intake of the feel good foodstuff.

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