In the Bake Off tent the judges are approaching the workstation of the ECB. Having made an ‘Almighty Eton Mess of the Fixture List’ for their signature bake, the ECB’s technical challenge, like so many of its recent efforts, had ended up half baked. ‘Too concerned with the soggy bottom line’ had been Paul Hollywood’s verdict. Now the ECB has one last chance to impress.

‘So tell us what you’ll be baking for us today’, asks Prue Leith.

‘Well, I’m calling this my ‘High Performance Review Cake’ answers the ECB. First of all I’ll be using a truncated one day cup when the weather is poor. Then I’ll be adding an unhealthy dollop of ‘The Hundred’ and finally, just for good measure, I’ll be reducing the number of county championship games to just 10’

‘What about any August Test Matches?’, asks Prue. ‘Will you be making room for much of that?’

‘None whatsoever!’

Paul fixes the ECB with one of his disapproving stares. ‘Well, with all those ingredients,’ he growls, ‘you’re sure to create a highly effective show stopper’

The ECB smiles but Paul, considering it a recipe for disaster, declines to offer a handshake.

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11 responses to “THE GREAT CRICKET SELL OFF?”

  1. Revd. Ronald Owen Avatar
    Revd. Ronald Owen

    Something tells me you’re not too happy with ECB = strong words! 👍🇫🇷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it obvious?! I’m sure every individual member of the ECB is nothing other than simply charming, but I am concerned about what the changes they are proposing will mean for the four day game. I don’t want to deprive people of days like those described here:


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