Family doctors were facing mounting criticism last night after it was revealed how consultations in primary care were spiralling out of control. Yesterday’s publication of the long awaited ‘Black and White’ report exposed how GPs have been contravening restrictions that had previously been laid down by government with the express purpose of ensuring that contact with patients was reduced.

Standing outside Downing Street with a glass of champagne in his hand, the Secretary of State for Health lambasted those working in primary care, laying on them the blame for what he described as another shameful example of the profession acting without any thought for what some politicians were going through.

Jajid Savid was responding to data that revealed that in December 2021 GP appointment figures were a staggering 20% (4.9 million) higher than the same month two years previously. before the pandemic.

‘What these people need to realise’, said Mr Savid, ‘is that last year, while they were booking more appointments than ever before, an eye watering 367 million, many in Whitehall were facing the distress of having to bring their own bottle to alcohol fuelled social events. It’s about time GPs took a long hard look at themselves and apologised for not acting in accordance with official government policy that seeks to portray them as lazy ne’er do wells.’

Pledging to do all that he could to bring locally responsive medical services to an end, the Health Minister closed by saying, ‘It is absolutely clear that GPs are responsible – it’s time they went’.

A number of GPs were asked to respond to Mr Savid’s comments but none were available, all claiming to be far too busy providing patient care.

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