Two photos taken nearly 50 years apart, the second snapped shortly before Christmas at a family gathering to celebrate my parents diamond wedding anniversary, delayed by two and half years due to a certain attention grabbing virus that’s been prevalent of late.

circa 1975

Things to note:

  1. My Mum’s expertise at cutting hair. So adept was she with the scissors that she could create that ‘pudding basin’ look that was so sort after in the 70s without ever having to make use of a pudding basin!
  2. How cute I was when I was 8…and how undeniably cute I still remain! Admittedly there were times in between when I tried to throw off my cutesy demeanour and endeavoured instead to convey an air of smouldering sensuality something I like to think I managed with more than a modicum of success [as if!] Today, however, I find myself once again having to settle for being, at best, no more than merely cute!
  3. Given I was as trendy then as I am now, the fact that I’m wearing socks and sandals surely indicates just how unbelievably fashionable such attire once was!

Discerning observers will also notice that I am the second born son and have an elder brother who is balding prematurely. As such I was considering writing a book about my childhood experiences but I can’t imagine anyone being remotely interested!

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