Don’t know much about anatomy
Don’t know much physiology
Don’t know much about the CCG
Don’t know why we have the CQC
But I do know that as a GP
‘Cos of those who work along with me
What a wonderful job this can be

Don’t know much about nephrology
What the ‘C” is for in CRP
Don’t know how to read an EEG
Why no Zantac’s in the pharmacy
But I do know that I can see
‘Cos of those who still consult with me
What a wonderful job this can be

Now I don’t claim to be a good doctor
But I’m trying to be
For sone day by being a good doctor – maybe
I could please the GMC

Don’t know much about anion gaps
Don’t know how to do those pleural taps
Don’t know much about such a lot
Don’t know quite what’s in my pension pot
But I do know that it’s still OK
If I only help just one today
What a wonderful job this can be.

After Sam Cooke.

Far from a wonderful job however is the rendition of this song that can be found on my Facebook page.

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