Ben Green in full voice?

Is this a picture of Ben Green singing?

Last night I had a dream, the contents of which may be an encouragement to any Somerset supporters who, after this year’s less than ideal start in the RLODC, may be a little anxious as to how the rest of the competition will play out. And perhaps it might also be an encouragement to Ben Green, a terrific captain of an undoubtedly wonderful team. So here, because all my dreams come true, is a song for Ben Green in which is detailed all that passed before my eyes during the hours of darkness!


I saw tons for Green, Goldsworthy too,
And plenty more runs for Bartlett and Rew
And I thought to myself
What a wonderful team

I saw Matt Renshaw, his face bore a smile
Batting with flair and batting with style
And I thought to myself
What a wonderful team

The fielding it was faultless, not an overthrow or bye
All catches they were taken underneath a clear blue sky
The games they were all sell outs, the ground looked at it’s best
[The venues for ‘The Hundred’ though, were like the Marie Celeste]

Aldridge then excelled, he was on fire
Took 6 for 5, like Arul Suppiah
And I thought to myself
What a wonderful team

Pete Trego on the livestream declared Siddles’s spell ‘a beaut’
His secret I imagine is a certain yellow fruit
I saw young Sonny Baker, prove himself –
[And days of free admission for the national ‘elf!]

I saw Steve Davies, light up the place
Batting with poise and batting with grace
And I thought to myself,
What a wonderful team

Then Jack Brooks with his headband on, the one oft known as ferret,
He bowled with great distinction and he batted with great merit
I saw James ‘Hildy’ Hildreth, his technique sound,
Driving the ball to all four corners of the ground

Stumpy was there, and Brian the cat
Watching the game from their retirement flat
And I thought to myself
What a wonderful team
Uhh yeah.

With apologies to Louis Armstrong, George David Weiss and Robert Thiele.

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22 responses to “A SONG FOR BEN GREEN”

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  2. Another gem from our wordsmith … a word of caution though, as I am beginning to believe every cricket ticket should come with a health warning!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It can certainly be a stressful experience!


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  4. […] A SONG FOR BEN GREEN […]


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