Steve Barclay, are you listening
Have you heard, something’s missing
A lack of GPs
Means they’re down on their knees
Working in a healthcare hinterland

Nurses too, they’re unhappy
‘Taint enough, that you clap, the
Ones you applaud
They still can’t afford
Working in a healthcare hinterland

In a little while there will be no one
Wanting to work in the NHS
I’m not sure that even now I know one
Colleague who is coping with the stress

Hospitals, overflowing
Waiting lists, ever growing
It ain’t any fun
For those who’ve begun
Working in a healthcare hinterland

Those who fall and find their hip needs mending
Hope an ambulance will soon arrive
But it’s likely one won’t be attending
Not at least while they are still alive

So this year, please remember
In this month of December
Those you’ve employed
They’re not overjoyed
Working in a healthcare hinterland
Working in a healthcare hinterland
Working in a healthcare hinterland

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  1. Another gem from our very accomplished wordsmith! A concise summary of a health service in crisis only held together by the goodwill of the employees at all levels! As an outsider with a vested interest I remember a v large hospital in Surrey holding an opening ceremony to which I was invited , of a new multi-million pound 4 floor admin block by the then Minister of Health which left me the strong feeling that “admin” was overtaking clinical need in the hierarchy! Best wishes at this festive time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marian Broomfield Avatar
    Marian Broomfield

    I have worked in the NHS and it only keeps going with the good will from staff….the NHS dose not look after nurses or doctor’s

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re not wrong! Over the last 31 years I been fortunate to work with many wonderfully caring people – doctors, nurses and all manner of other support staff. As you say, without the good will of so many staff the NHS would never have been able to achieve all it has.


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