Yesterday it was reported that plans were afoot to allow patients to obtain antibiotics from pharmacies without the need to see a doctor. But it wasn’t this that I found most concerning in the article published by The Times for perhaps there is evidence that, in certain well prescribed circumstances at least, they can be safely and appropriately issued by pharmacists.

Nor indeed was it the news per se that Thérèse Coffey had on occasions given antibiotics to friends and family members as she is surely not the first person to ever pass on such medicines to others.

What does bother me though is the fact that she so freely admits to having done so and, seemingly, uses her behaviour to imply, that any old fool can dish out antibiotics to anyone who is ‘feeling unwell’. When my patients confess to taking drugs issued to members of their family they do at least recognise that their actions are unwise and are embarrassed enough to apologise for what they have done. The comments of Thérèse Coffey suggest that we have a Secretary of State for Health who has less understanding of the issues around antibiotic prescribing than our patients do and that should be something that worries us all.

Of course having said all that we must ask the question as to whether it is just antibiotics that’s she’s been handing out. For there are one or two other drugs that, if she’s been supplying them to some of her colleagues, it would go some way to explaining some of their recent poor decision making and increasingly erratic behaviour.

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4 responses to “AT LAST…AN EXPLANATION”

  1. Revd Ronald Owen Avatar
    Revd Ronald Owen

    I don’t know how you do it! All these “musings “ contain both humour combined with many serious punches! Therese Coffey is a seriously worrying person especially considering the brief she holds!! My hope is that there will be a change of government but the prospect is still v worrying considering the choices! Keep up the good work both at “you know where” and the musings – it keeps us sane with hope!🇫🇷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you – you’re very kind!


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