To the tune of ‘With God on our side’ by Bob Dylan.

For twenty six years now
A GP I’ve been
And many’s the number
Of patients I’ve seen
They’ve come with their sickness
In times of distress
But where will they go when
There’s no NHS?

Way back when I started
I always did know
To those who required one
An ambulance would go
But now it’s uncertain
And its anyone’s guess
How the sick they will fare when
There’s no NHS

And those who are ailing
Two things they should dread
For hospital treatment
Will there be a bed?
And those caring for them
Will they cope with the stress?
Of not enough nurses
In the NHS

In primary care too
The future looks dire
Cos there’s not the doctors
That we now require
And so I must tell you
I sadly confess
That I fear for the future
Of the NHS

At A&E centres
The waits they’re so long
That patients are dying
Which has to be wrong
And now as the talk turns
To deaths in excess
I wonder how long ‘till
There’s no NHS.

Now some say the future’s
In private healthcare
Though few can afford it
As you’ll be aware
And those without money
They’ll never the less
Still pay a high price when
There’s no NHS.

With apologies to Bob Dylan. An audio version can be heard by following this link


For those who wish to, you can hear his 1964 recording of ‘With God on our side’, by following the link below.

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4 responses to “WHEN THERE’S NO NHS”

  1. Oh so true, a tragedy!!! How long will it take for the message to get through to the Government? Sadly it feels a bit like Titanic’s maiden voyage …. though we cannot wait another 111 years for it to sink!

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  2. Being in the states, healthcare is extremely expensive. The monthly insurance premiums alone can cripple a family and if someone gets seriously ill, it is often devastating. Of course, here, we hear about the difficult in getting treatment where socialized medicine is the norm.

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    1. In the UK we have been fortunate to have the NHS these past 75 years. It will be a great shame if it is lost.

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      1. It would be a great loss.

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