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If, as Oscar Wilde might say, to embarrass oneself once may be regarded a misfortune, but to do it a second time looks like carelessness, what would it be if one were to do it a third time? Surely nothing short of madness. And yet here I am, making a fool of myself once again in the hope of attracting applications for the vacant GP post at East Quay Medical Centre in Bridgwater, Somerset.

This time however you will find me in a more reflective mood in what is my most intimate song yet. In it I draw back the curtain and reveal something of the personalities of those I work alongside. And below as a special treat is a picture of them all – who wouldn’t want to join a team made up of such (largely) beautiful people!

East Quay Medical Centre’s GPs and Practice Manager – January 2023

Last week I read of how Ed Sheeran wrote all the songs of his latest album in a week. Mr Sheeran is obviously something of an amateur when it comes to songwriting since it took me far less time than that to come up with this reworking of ‘Baggy Trousers’ by Madness. Of course there may be those who might think that such hurried composition is reflected in the quality of the piece, but they would be wrong, because it would have been no better had I spent all year crafting the lyrics. 

The lyrics appear a little further down the page but here, as a test for your endurance, is a link to the song being sung. If it doesn’t work you can find the video in my Facebook page. Just search ‘Pete Aird’ and look for my severed head sitting in a pool of blood!


Here’s that link to the actual job advert again:


And you can find out more about East Quay Medical Centre here.


If you know anyone who might be interested in the post, do please feel free to share!

Links to other medically themed songs can be found at the bottom of this page!

To the tune of ‘Baggy Trousers’

If you long to live the dream
Why not join our happy team
Do the thing you really oughta
Come and practice in Bridgwater
Every morning to start off we

Gather for a cup of coffee
Then prescribe our pills and ointments
In fifteen minute appointments

Oh what fun we have
Tim, he chairs the LMC
Not my cup of tea
I say rather him than me
Then there’s Sally who
Likes to swim, and run and pedal
Won for team GB
A golden medal

Be a part of a team winning
With Doc Power and Glendinning
They came good having unduly
Suffered when trained by yours truly
Nick this year’s our practice chair
P’haps that’s why he has no hair
Rachel wears the PM’s hat
Says her job’s like herding cats

Oh what fun we have
No one reads the college journal
Coral’s skittles Queen
Jess is taking leave maternal
Jen and Ali too
They’ve been with us for a while
Neither very tall
Both hail from the Emerald Isle

Dr Wood she likes to bake
Sometimes brings in homemade cake
And though she’s now well past thirty
Still, on call, she’s never shirty
Doc Aird’s not a pretty sight – a
Low down, no good, lazy blighter
He leaves much to be desired
Best to hope he’s soon retired

Oh what fun we have
Sometimes work it can be tricky
Still we do our best
Caring for those feeling icky
We’ve a vacancy
If then you’re ideally suited
To our practice team
Maybe you’ll be recruited!


For other medically themed songs for which I take full responsibility, follow the links below. Audio versions are available for those marked with an asterisk. There are others, but these are the least worst!

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